Quick Answers about Amer Braz Construction

Do you charge for an initial consultation?

No! Our initial consultation is free of charge You request it for FREE ONLINE. We will come to your property free of charge to answer your concerns!

Is Amer Braz Construction Licensed and Bonded?

Yes! We are licensed and bonded in the state of California under LIC #948035,   Bond #W150221427 - General Building Contractor

How long has Amer Braz Construction been in business?

Amer Braz Construction has proudly been in business for 27 years serving the San Francisco Bay Area.

What can I expect from your time lines and budgets?

We are pretty good on that. You will have all stated in the contract, which is signed by all parties with copies provided before break ground or start any project. There is the usual Act of God provision in the contract. Construction during bad weather can not produce a good finished project, Other than that, our work is solid.

How about your returning clients and references?

We are proud to say that about 50% of our customers do return or are referred to us from customers we've had in the past. As you will see when you check our references — because we are GREAT in what we do.

What about permits?

Depending on location and nature of project a permit might be required. We will obtain the permit, handle all inspections, make sure all is built to code, as per requirements of the law.

What should I ask my contractor?

First and foremost,  “How long have you been in business?”  (27 years!) “Have you ever done a project like mine?” (Most Probably!). “Do you have insurance?” (YES)

What about materials?

Main materials are usually specified in the contract. All materials are covered —— substitutions are sometimes unavoidable. If that happens, an equal substitution will be made pending your approval. For items not specified in the contract, a budget will be determined to cover expenditures. 

What are change orders?

They are written statements signed by the customer authorizing the contractor to do additional work not included in the original contract. They must be signed before the additional work is started, usually not in the order of project in progress. The amount spent will be charged after project completion. A change order may also be any unexpected or unforeseen changes due to damages.